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hitsujigoya de koshi wo furu seigi
На грядущем Jump Festa 2007, что намечен на 16-17 декабря, СкварЕшник представит на суд широкой публики ролик Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, выход которого, напомню, запланирован на всё тот же 2007 год. Скупые строки официальной информации дословно говорят следующее:

Life flows, and a new Second Advent surfaces.

Originally released in September 2005 on UMD and DVD, a "Complete" version finally appears in "Blu-ray Disc" format. Scenes have been edited, completely new sequences have been added, and even the concept of "getting dirty" over time and through the course of battle has realized. More exhilarating, more beautiful, and more easily understood, not just a shameless renewal of a finished product, it has earned the title of "Complete".

Genre: Movie
Release: Scheduled for 2007
Price: TBD

Также на фесте будут представлены:

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-
[Mobile] [Playable Demo] [Trailer] [Promotional Present]

The continuation of the shady history of "FFVII". Those who became part of it, and those who disappeared.

In addition to the popular distribution of "BCFFVII" through iMode, deals with EZweb and Yahoo!K-tai have been determined!! Furthermore, the addition of new playable characters and game modes is planned. Look forward to it!

Genre: Network RPG
Release: iMode - available; EZweb and Softbank - scheduled for this Winter
Price: 525 yen a month (plus tax)

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-
[Sony PlayStation Portable] [Playable Demo] [Trailer] [Promotional Present]

Men who shed tears for their own fate, and for their friends.

The oldest era of the "Compilation of Final Fantasy VII". The untold mysteries of "FFVII" will be revealed! For the first time in the world, a corner to experience "CC-FFVII-" in will be prepared! The latest trailer is also set to be shown to the public! Please look forward to it.

Genre: Action RPG
Release: Scheduled for 2007
Price: TBD

Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode -Final Fantasy VII-
[Mobile] [Playable Demo] [Trailer] [Promotional Present]

The sun sets behind the burning beast. Light is shed on a secret episode. The howl continues to echo...

A story left untold by the PlayStation 2 release of "Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-" is clarified. The game system is easy to play on a mobile phone terminal due to optimizations. Additionally, because it is distributed as a bulk Mega iAppli, the use of full voice acting has become possible. Enjoy the exhilarating gun action, only for mobile phone.

Genre: Gun Action RPG
Release: TBD
Price: TBD

Вопрос: Чего ждём сильнее?
1. Трейлера FFVIIACC 
17  (56.67%)
2. Демку Crisis Core 
6  (20%)
3. Онлайн-сервис для BC 
5  (16.67%)
4. Мобильный DoC:LE 
2  (6.67%)
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2007-01-03 в 03:06 

Yaoi games!!
А на каком сайте вы нашли такую великолепную информацию?

2007-03-09 в 22:42 

hitsujigoya de koshi wo furu seigi
Yaoi games!!, гомен, только сейчас заметил Ваш коммент...

Мои глубочайшие :4u:

По моему это взято с http://adventchildren.net/, отличного новостного сайта по всей компиляции FFVII. Почти все запощённые мною здесь, в сообществе, новости, касающиеся компиляции, взяты именно отсюда)